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This is just a small sample of what I'm writing. It's not good, I'm not a writer but the only way I'll get good at something is by doing it. So, I'm writing and it's not good but I think it's a good idea. A story that I would read, a story I could tell so I'm writing it and I don't care if I never share it all because at least I'll know I've written it.

Rabbit Heart is the story of a young girl who is seperated from her class when the world ends. There are monsters, there are grown ups and there are people trying to kill her. And then there are the student protesters who were on their way home when it all went to hell and they take her under their wing and protect her and look after her and they call her Rabbit. And amongst it all is Rabbit's sister Alice and her best mate looking for her, making the journey to the city and trying to get her back because adults can go to hell but family look out for each other. And they never, ever leave them behind.

The casting/character list is here and I've got a few playlists lying around with some random drabble scenes included. I don't know why this is in my head but I just like writing it.

Rabbit: A YA novel )
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This has really sort of eaten my brain completely. A playlist for Rabbit Heart.

The city kids )
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Prompt: from [livejournal.com profile] eudaimon The end of the world as narrated by a teenager. Who survives along with them? :O
Format: HBO series.
Theme Tune: Rabbit Heart (Raise it up) by Florence & The Machine

The world ends at three thirty on a Wednesday afternoon.

When Rabbit finds herself stranded and alone in a dangerous city, a group of teens take her in as they try to make their way out of the city and back home. Up against food shortages, riots, selfish idiots and flesh eating grown ups the kids have to find a way out before the city literally swallows them up.

It's time to put childish games away. It's time to grow up.
Rabbit Heart )


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