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Rose Under Fire: Roza+ Rosie/George

She cannot sleep; it is too quiet, her bed is too big and she is too cold. Everything hurts and she is so lonely, she doesn't know she's moving until she feels her feet brush against cool wood and her crutches scrape across the floor. Her footsteps shuffle, trudging in the room. Fingertips brushing against Joe's head until she's at the side of their bed.

She nudges George with her knee, falling almost over him until he catches her in his arms and tucks her safely into his bed and rolls out under her onto the floor like always. He lands with a soft oof and she hears him swearing. Rosie presses against her side, tucking her in until she feels safe and sound. Until her skin is warm and the ghosts of all those she left behind fades away.

Neither of them say anything at the quiet, unforgiving sobs. Rosie just tucks her beneath her head, George reaches up and brushes her back with kind fingers. And she can put the ghosts to rest for the night.
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My challenge is that you should write something nice. Write me the first time Roza meets baby Joe. It's not going to be an easy delivery but Rosie'll be fine. He'll be born in February or March.

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A perfect hello to Joseph Jack Luz :D

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I love it I love it.

Every so often, Rosie makes it very clear that there are Things going on and Roza needs to give them a little time :b

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Idk. Sad is not what I need today ):

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Yeah - Rosie loves her but a threesome isn't going to happen there

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Omg, I haven't even gotten far enough in this book ever to know Roza and I'm still flailing at all of these. I really just have to buckle down and read it and prepare for tears.