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So here is the terrible Minecraft news, I had a power outage the other week while playing TABULA RASA (my survival minecraft world I had been playing since CHRISTMAS) and when I turned the PS3 back on. Yep, you guessed it corrupted save. RIP TABULA RASA RIP. Ugh it was the perfect seed as well, it was an island with every biome and I'd established the compound on the beach and ugh I had EVERYTHING, I was literally on my way to defeat the End Dragon? FIVE MONTHS ALL GONE, MUCH WOE. But I did learn so much on it so I'm hoping my next survival world won't die horrifically (DARROW I'M LOOKING AT YOU LIL BUDDY TIME TO GET OUR ASS INTO GEAR.)

So because of the savefail, I have been working on a creative world haha just to test out some newish ideas and designs for my next established base. Also, because quartz is a pain in my ass in survival I thought here I could make pretty things out of it without you know losing lots. So without further ado...

all blurred pictures all the time yeaaaaaaaah

So, the whole thing with Tempus is it's a flat world. Meaning I don't have to terraform ANYTHING. Amazing. If I had PC Minecraft then I would be all about World Edit let me tell you because ugh terraforming is a pain in my backside. So, I decided rather than have something that was sprawling and could get out of hand I would have a limited area to work with so I started off with a 35x35 grid area. And then worked from that up. I MADE A MISTAKE HOWEVER AND IT'S MORE LIKE 35X36 BUT NO ONE IS COUNTING. NO ONE. (HYPERVENTILATES)

The first plot I did, was inspired by (read: I stole it, most of it and then fucked up a lot) Vadact's tutorial on how to create your own plot on their server. Which was amazing. I had never heard of Vadact until Yogscast Sjin mentioned them and wow they make epic of epic builds (instantsubscribe). So, I loved adding all the little features in the garden and creating my own tree from scratch instead of just bonemealing a sapling up. The whole freeform thing using gardens and making it look natural was kind of a big deal for me so KUDOS and thanks to Vadact and your amazing tutorial.
The result was this

Which you know for someone who still classes herself as a beginner (I STILL RUN AND SCREAM AT CREEPERS OKAY ITS A THING) I don't think I did too bad a job and I changed up the building and added a few personal touches (Like a picnic basket filled with chicken sandwiches omnomnom).

The second plot was well OKAY, I started off going I want a spooky mansion and lots of graveyards and dead things and then I was like ooooh pretty stream. So, plans change. I decided to stick to the Victorian/Farmhouse kind of feel but with a really overrun yard. Like it's almost been abandoned or like as if I was its gardener (note I suck at gardening really just awful.

I found a gorgeous little veranda style that I liked from looking at other minecrafters images of their houses and ugh just. I loved it so much I stoles it my precious. Mwuhahaha. But yeah, after that it was a case of making the size and shape of the house work with the area I had. Less sprawling mansion and more we're dirt poor relations. You can't see most of the house because of the massive tree that I bonemealed up. Which seriously what the fuck. Added some vines though and no one told me those things spread.... oops.

The third plot was all QUARTZ. QUAAAAARTZ. It's so pretty and shiny and mine. So, I looked up architects drawings and for sale pictures of modern houses and found this sort of looking one? I had to obviously change a lot using different textured quartz to try and give it a minimalistic detailing. The hardest bit was lighting it and I'm still not happy with the torches but I do like the glowstone posts to give it that offset of colour on the gates.

So, the fourth plot I decided okay so what did I learn from doing chinatown in game previously. I like yellow wool for road markings. I like having a secret little sewer system beneath the plot (yeaaaah seriously you can swim in it my creepy little hidey holes :) )
I used Nether Brick (because clay bricks are just super red) and stone bricks for this build with a lovely jungle wood finish. I like the two townhouses BUT I think I needed to go one block wider to differentiate between the two buildings with like grey stone down the middle. Here you can kind of see I just went FUCK THE LIGHTING and just put torches up everywhere.

This has to be my most detailed fa├žade though because I went like FOUR deep on this one. I tried to add as much detailing and texture to the walls to make it really pop.

I feel like Alicia Keyes should be playing in the background for this build... in NEW YOOOORK

SO yup, that's TEMPUS WORLD for now. Still RIP TABULA RIP but TEMPUS is a go.

If you are on PS3 and want to add me my name is butterflysteve im pretty sure it is anyway :p
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That first pic looks like Cloud Cuckoo Land!