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Meme thing I just made up

Okay, so the idea is you ask for a name of an actor/actress and come up with a plot/story/character that you think that they could play or that you would be interested in seeing them do. A sort of twist on the ISURRENDERED thing but you only use that ONE ACTOR/CHARACTER.

[personal profile] eudaimon gave me Dylan O'Brien.

I'm doing this as stream of consciousness type thing, like this is my an idea thing rather than a polished draft of anything. AND I'M PRETTY SURE I CHANGE TENSES AND POV LIKE FIVE MILLION TIMES. THIS IS A SUPER ROUGH ROUGH THING NO JUDGING.

as Cashier Number Five Please

"Cashier Number Five Please."

There is a line round the store what feels like a block long. Just another hellish Saturday morning shift at the Grocery Store. It's too early and I'm too young to be dealing with this kind of shit first thing. And I'm not talking about overly aggressive Mom's trying to take a cart full of shopping through ten items or less. Nope, kind of talking about the muscular five foot eight plus kind of shit kind of trouble. The kind that wears lycra to a grocery store. Yep, superheroes. I fucking hate superheroes.

"Cashier Number Five Please."

I hate them even more when they come crashing through the store yet again. You know Superheroes save the city sure but do they have to destroy it first? This will be the fourth time this month one of them has started a brawl/fight/epic showdown with the latest villain flavour of the month. And out of all the superheroes, out of all of them? He's the worst. The golden boy of the city and the wet dream of choice from my ill spent youth.

"Cashier Number Five Please."

The crowd scatters, those irritating little screams and gasps as the rats flee the sinking grocery store ship or whatever analogy you want to call it. People stream to the exit, falling over each other as Golden Boy there knocks Desperate VFOTM into the fridges. Everyone else is moving but me. Cause me? I'm kind of frozen behind the till like an idiot. It's not got to do with the fact that I used to stay up until three in the morning, obsessively looking at pictures of Golden Boy on tumblr. It wasn't because I used to write fanfiction of him and his Boss making out beneath the city skyline after one fight too many. Nope, it was because I was genuinely scared. Full on Damsel-In-Distress. Not sure what you call a dude-in-distress.

"Cashier Number Five Please."

Golden Boy staggers at the blow to his (perfectly shaped) chin, stumbling backwards as he trips over his cape. Capes, sucker. Hadn't he blown up the messageboards with that, wasn't his name EdnaFreakingMole on... he's not getting up? Why wasn't he getting up? It wasn't until then that he realised that he was kind of in a lot of trouble. Not just him either, Golden Boy too.

"Hey! Hey you! Get off of him!" Leaping over the register, running towards the guy beating Golden Boy into the linoleum floor of the store. He doesn't know why he's doing this. He's no one, he's nobody. He doesn't have super powers, he doesn't have a billionaire daddy and a tragic backstory, he's not a super solider, he's just another dumb kid trying to pay his way through art college working two part-time jobs. "I said get off!"

He hits the guy harder than he knew was possible, sending himself and the well... rogue tumbling into the stacked cans at the end of the shelves. Golden Boy blinks, pushing himself up but he's got this. He's totally got this. Yeah, no he's not got this at all. It's kind of all a blur, struggling with the guy on the floor to the way Golden Boy comes to his rescue and subdues him. It's not until later after the police turn up and the paramedics, hell even his boss that he kind of realises what he's done.

"Hey hero," Golden Boy says with a grin. It's kind of hard to see out of one eye, it's all swollen shut from the fighting but even he knows Golden Boy's Golden Grin. God, he hoped he didn't do anything stupid like swoon or flail incoherently at him. "So, I came over to say thanks. You know for saving my life back there."

"Right back at you buddy," For the record totally didn't save his life but he's just that nice a guy. Ugh he's ridiculous, fuck I love him. I replace the pack of peas to my eyes, hoping to hell that my Boss doesn't take this out of my wages. Or worse sack me, getting to meet Golden Boy or not I cannot afford to lose this job.

"You know you've not got a bad left hook, your er- follow through could use some work though." He's so fucking earnest. This should not be an attractive feature but it kind of is.

"And my balance and my hitting skills and my everything." He frowns a little at my quipping but seriously he should be used to it. He works with you know the City's finest superhero with morals so grey they're kind of black.

"Yeah, so how about it?" I'm looking at him and I swear, I swear I must've missed something in this conversation because he's talking at me like I know what he's talking about. And honestly? No clue. Maybe he got one punch to the head too many. "Er- I mean, do you want me to help you with it. Your fighting skills."

"What?" Yeah, he definitely got punched in the head one too many times in the head. "You want to help me... what? Er, sure? I've got school though and jobs and-"

"It's a date then." He kind of breathes it out, in some kind of forced rush of air and I'm still looking at him like he's pretty mental. 'Cause I think he just asked me out. Did he ask me out? What is happening? "I have to go, crime to fight and all that but you should call me. Yeah, I'd like that."

I blink, staring at him as he presses a card into my hand. His phone number printed below a tiny squiggle that I'm guessing is his name. His name's... Gideon? Gideon. Yikes.

"I think I kind of prefer Golden Boy." He laughs, face lighting up with the City's best smile (five years running) and he just looks at me; looks at me like he sees something. I don't know what though, I don't know what anyone could see in me.


---** FIN FOR ME FOR NOW ** ---

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sob sob what a cute idea XD

(obviously I had to read once I saw the magic name there. I loathe myself.)

(also, line about perfectly shaped chin or not, I automatically pictured Golden Boy as Tyler Posey, NOT THAT I AM AT ALL BIASED OR ANYTHING sob)