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State of Me: Didn't get any of the jobs I applied for, back to square one. Feeling a lil down but optimistic. IDK. Still working hard/hardly working doing a kids comic club and now also a Lego club. So this is a thing I do now.

Delirium of the Endless: IS PREGNANT. Congrats Robb on your amazing knocking up prowess. So, yes she is pregnant and still in the morning sickness phase so she will be downplaying Vegas and mostly taking cabs/transport to places so she can enjoy shows with dancers and things and mebbe occasionally eat yummy things. I think she will go maternity wear "shopping" and have all the amazing things and be really sad when they disappear. She is totally finding the most awesome like kids creche/playpark to take the twins to though. May get an EP.

Coraline Jones: Is going clubbing. She may get off her head a little. She's pretty much going to want to do everything. And explore everything. And go crazy. She may get an EP but I think I'll just tag her into things. I kind of want to have her doing every wild thing she should not do. Like omg a bucket list of things.

Cass Cain: PATROLLING THE CITY. Totally taking down some mob bosses. Practising her flying/fighting stuff. She may just climb a hotel because she can. No EP I don't think but def. tag into things. Cass is my quieter pup but this never bothers me, just because she's so present it's just she is a more silent presence than say Cora or Delirium.

Wendy Watson: After seeing like Nix's potential Thor plot, I really want to do a HANGOVER style plot/WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS thing. Like drunken dubious dubby decisions. She will get an EP. She is going to have an awesome time.

The Doctor is totally going to get into trouble. He's going to lose his shirt (and trousers and TARDIS) gambling and will try to outsmart/outplay/outeverything some mob/casino guys to get it back. I think Dairine is in. If anyone else wants in DO IT, let me know. There can be adventures and stuff! Stuuuuff!

Lucy Pevensie is a definite. I've missed playing a kid pup, I recently reread the series and I love her. I always have but like because of Coraline's friendship with Lucy (Dee version) I never wanted to app her but now that Cora is older there is less of a conflict there. And I do adore her, so she's going to be coming March/April time.

Sally Malik. Whom I love. I really probably will not need another girl pup but I've loved her for a while and a recent canon rewatch/the new series has just made me want to put her on the island. Plus she would have an awesome Aidan and a fantastic Josh to get on with. Srsly someone should app Nora though. JUST SAYING.
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Wrong journal but OMG PRECIOUS SALLY!
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I wish it was Nora so there was a Nora on the island but she's just not my type, far too sensible! And I do love Sally, she's just Trouble. Especially when she tries not to be.