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Dear Yuletide Author

Thank you very much for taking the time out your hectic schedule to write something for me. I am fairly easy to please, I lovelovelove reading and I'm hoping that you will find something that you can write for me here. There is one thing I would like you to keep in mind whilst writing for me, the holidays are an extremely difficult time for me and I would love it if you could possibly keep it as angst-free as possible. A little angst or woe is fine but nothing too weepy or eeek please!

Stuff that I love in fics:
NOIR. Alternate Universes, alternate timelines, steampunk, crossovers, snarky snark, crack, comedy, deception, inside jokes, plot twists, women being awesome, happy endings, relationships, friendships, kicking ass and just general brilliantness.

Stuff I do not like in fics:
CLOWNS. No. Big no. Incest, rape/noncon, torture, self-harm, humiliation and character death. Essentially no angsty owie fics please thank you dear author!

Now onto the fandoms:
Basically whatever you write for me I will LOVE.

Emelan by Tamora Pierce. Briar Moss, Trisana Chandler.
I just finsihed re-reading the series and I just love Briar and Tris. They are my favourites, anything exploring their relationship or their relationship with others/their own gifts would be a pleasure. I personally ship Briar/Tris but do not let that influence you, if you don't want romance then just explore their friendship. Seriously go mad.

Provost's Dog by Tamora Pierce. Beka Cooper, Rosto the Piper.
Rogue versus Dog. I am currently reading this series I am up to book two, I will update this if I get further along but seriously spoilers are going to be a no-no at the moment. Explore their friendship, explore tensions or the world Pierce creates but NO BOOK TWO OR THREE (FOR THE MOMENT.

Journey into Mystery. Loki, Hela, Ikol.
Here I assumed Loki meant Kid!Loki seeing as he's actually the star of the series. I'd like something that either shows the relationship between Ikol-Hela or Loki and Leah of Hel. Friendship, possible bit of angst, hijinks, slipper tongues, AU, Noir, What If's... whatever you like!

Hawkeye (Comics). Lucky, Kate Bishop.
So, this looks bad. That you can't select the main character from the series itself. Weird. I am all about Kate Bishop though, want to show her juggle socialite, Hawkeye, Dog Handler, Hawkguy handler, Young Avenger duties go for it. Want to show hijinks DO IT. Seriously have fun, to me Hawkeye is all about the Noir, the music, the fun.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV). Melinda May, Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, Maria Hill.
I am all about backstory or team drama or whatever. We may get Jossed because it's a current show but I am a-okay with AU land. Give me relationships, give me character specific, focus on one or them all. Like seriously go crazy!

Batgirl (Comics). Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown.
Er, I am a bit more picky on these two. THEY ARE FRIENDS, they are BFF. They can be current, future, AU, anything but I want friendship (or relationship) stuff. Family sure go for it, want to bring in the others sure but these two must be the focus. Must must must.