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Tina ([personal profile] tempusfrangit) wrote2014-03-29 10:23 pm
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Sandman Overture issue 2

So, I have a few problems which I'm hoping is going to be resolved as the Overture continues but okay... DREAM I HAVE ISSUES WITH YOU...

this message has been interrupted by...

... DREAM THE UNIVERSE IS GOING MAD? MAD YOU SAY? WHOSE REALM IS THAT THEN? I'll give you a clue Older Brother when I tell you this, it is not yours. A dreamer dreams, the desired desires, those who despair despair and a mortal dies. We know our places but you it appears do not. The realm of chaos and madness and the line between what is real and what is unreal will and always be mine. Time flies, time flies and time breaks. And I know that more than anyone. How dare you Brother? How dare you take what is mine?
Fear me Brother, fear me and tremble. For when madness spreads, it ceases everything else and I could make the universe cease to exist. I could. I could I could I could.

dO nOT tRESpASs in My reALM bROTHEr. dO nOT.

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