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State of me: Got bored halfway through. XD
Still broke, constantly worried and stressed. lesigh

The Sandman
Age: ???
Since: 11/1/2007
Partner: Robb Stark
[personal profile] endlessdel

Delirium of the Endless: Del is pregnant and into her second trimester. I keep getting these lovely emails about how her pregnancy should be progressing, which is nice but oh god stop sending me ones internet about "MAYBE YOU SHOULD SAY NO TO PREGNANCY SEX" because that is a thing that will never happen. Have you seen her Robb? Yeah, not happening. Especially considering how hormonal she is and therefore wants Robb pretty much endlessly at the moment. Sorry Robb. And good news about second trimester is morning sickness is waning and she's getting that bout of oooh unexpected energy to use up.

Pregnancy plot usually means Delirium is on the Delirium-Del-Delight spectrum, eases a little more towards Delight because she has to be saner to know what to put in her body and keep little wolfpup mortals safe. So, expect a much more clear headed Delirium. Which can be a scary thing. And things to note: all her food will be EDIBLE from now until after Baby is born. SO CONGRATS ISLAND, YOU GET TO EAT WITHOUT WORRY.

But speaking of worry, she is worried, eternally worried about how the kids/Reynald/Asher will take the growing pregnancy. She worries that everything will go wrong. She's worried that she will see her sissy before it is time. She's worried about Summerfell being too small or her balloning and then getting wedged inside Summerfell. So, there is that. It's a thing she freaks out about sometimes, so she will be getting a little more... sane completely sane but a bit manic about some thing. She's going to start preparing for the baby, so expect weird quilts and Delirium inspired Stark toys for future baby.

And because of that she'll be taking less on in the future. She may drop a few things for the second/third trimester (Like the radio, the Winchester, she may let Bilbo take over the majority of their class.) But because she's taking on less things, she will need more help:

-HELP WANTED! For the ice cream parlour.

Need to check with Nikki but at least the twins are school age now so they can go there to help give her a little break.

BERRY PLOT: No powers I think for her. OR I MAY GIVE HER ONE OF HER SIBLINGS POWER. She's taken on Death's responsibilities before so you know she could do that. :D

Thread requests: Stark family adorbs, Topher, God-Former non-human pups, Jane, people with babies or pregnant ladies.

Coraline Jones
Age: 16
Since: 7/2/2008
STATUS: Drama Llama
[personal profile] curiously_cora
Is quiet right now which is worrying, she's always my loudest pup and has always been. But I have got a new pup recently which often shift my focus for a little bit while I get them settled in. What I do need to do with her is getting her to interact with Doctors more and drop more of her little job things to focus on trying to get an apprenticeship/work with the Clinic. Which is a thing she really, really wants. She's also going to be focussing more on sciences this term, dropping most of her arty things.

QUESTION: WHO IS LOOKING AFTER THE VET SERVICES? Because she was apprenticing there but I have no clue after Helen and Hiccup drops who'd be left. (Cos Coraline only ever really interacted with Helen as her mentor but she probably would know who was working there.)

Relationship wise, she still has a lot of unresolved feelings surrounding Johnny and Percy. Not because she doesn't love Percy or anything but her and Johnny just ended without really her sorting anything out or resolving anything. Which has essentially meant she still has feelings for Johnny but she's with Percy and sometimes she feels so conflicted about this. Like she should tell Percy but she's not gonna because she doesn't want him to think she regrets picking him because she doesn't. She just kind of wishes sometimes that there was an option TICK ALL OF THE ABOVE. Cos you know Neil made it work and Neil has always been you know the closest relationshippy person to her.

Homestead things. She might give the Homestead a lick of paint, and get the building crew to go over it and make sure its structually sound. IF YOU ARE A KID/TEEN PUP YOU MAY MOVE IN, COME JOIN THE HOMESTEAD ITS AMAZEBALLS.

BERRY PLOT THING: She will be getting her former BFF (Claire from Heroes) powers. And will be getting the ability to heal up. She's going to donate blood to the vampires in exchange for medical knowledge. And depending how I think this plot is going to go... I may kill her. :D :D :D
It's okay, she can come back from it as again she'd have Claire's powers. :D

Thread requests: PERCY, JOHNNY, her cockney sparrow, Luke, Aidan/Starkiller face shenanigans, SCIENCE PUPS/MEDICAL PUPS.

Cassandra Cain
Age: 18
Since November 2011
Partner: Steph Brown
[personal profile] kinesicist
I love playing Cass, she is a difficult kind of pup because she's not a big speaker and she's not loud in the same way my other pups are (less verbose, more internal thinky thoughts.) But I just love playing her, I can't see me dropping her at all because of it. But I do need to find her things to do, even if that means stepping outside of her comfort zone. She'd join the ITF but that focuses on a military background and she has an ASSASSIN/VIGILANTE background which is not the same. I don't know she just needs to do something. BE THE BADASS SHE ALWAYS HAS TO BE. CONCEAL DON'T FEEL, DON'T LET THEM KNOW... wait sorry random disney singing.

She loves Steph and Damian so much. She finds it harder and easier with Damian, easier because she doesn't have to be anyone but herself but harder because she knows she probably does not ever live up to his expectations of her. She just wants to IDK impress him and knows she probably never does. She also wishes Dick was there, because she misses her other brothers. And she misses Bruce and Babs so much ;_;

I don't know, I know I won't be dropping her but I need to find things to do. IDEAS PEOPLE.

BERRY POWERS: No, Cass isn't a powers kind of girl. The only powers I could ever imagine her getting is Supes. And I think Steph is going to get some so it would be nice for Steph to be the one on top... in a manner of speaking.

Thread Requests: Coulson, Diomedes, Thor, BIG GUYS SHE CAN BEAT, oh god I'd love for her to fight against Bucky, WARRIOR FIGHTER PUPS COME HELP MY GIRL TRAIN TO BEAT YOU SENSELESSLY.

Wendy Watson
The Middleman
Age: 24
Since: DEC 2012
Partner: Asshole.
STATUS: Not painting
you like one of my French Girls
[personal profile] agentdubdub
Wendy had a very vague Vegas time, which means she drunk a lot and hung out in a wedding chapel with Thor (aka the Big Guy). She's kind of sworn off drinking, which of course means she will drink and enjoyed a nice low-key (HAHAHA GET IT PUN-Y) time at Mardi Gras guarding cans of potentially zombie making energy drink with Thor. And you know probably squinting suspiciously at That Guy (that guy being Hannibal who is entirely a suspicious entity.)

Wendy is taking an art class (pretty sure it was Art History which you know I will check in a bit) this term, as in teaching it. And I really need to have her sign up with IPD because you know she really kicks ass and should do something with that. She is keeping up with her shooting/martial arts stuff and has slowly been getting better at doing drills and stuff so her stamina has increased.

So, it's been vaguely hinted at (CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THIS FOR ME?) that Wendy's dad who disappeared in strange and mysterious circumstances was actually the MIDDLEMAN (before the current Middleman) and I just UGH I WANT TO KNOW. I want to know so that like I can have her get his files and swear up a storm as she realises her whole life has been a lie and her dad died/disappeared due to her own job.

BERRY PLOT MALARKEY: Wendy is going to have like the world's most unhelpful powers. Like THE POWERS OF A DISNEY PRINCESS. She can call small animals to her aid but only if she sings but she will be constantly surrounded by small cute adorable animals. So yeah, she is going to be pissed.

Thread Requests: EVERYONE. I am loving tagging everyone so you know if you want a Dub Dub please let me know.

The Doctor
Doctor Who
Age: 1200+
Since: Feb 2014
Companion: Please submit application.
STATUS: 1200 yr old child.
[personal profile] araggedyman
The Doctor is my new Feb pup and I love him and I'm so happy. Honestly, he is such a joy to play and I know there is going to be a joy to play in the future which there are plans for. He's met such lovely people and he has such lovely little friendshippy things (and crushes but you know ADJUSTS BOW TIE he's cool about it.) I loved everyone who has tagged him and everyone who has put up with him; I'm adoring Yowzering with Helen, his talks with Jen (who is so awesome SO AWESOME), Dairine putting up with his silliness, just Everyone. Throw all your pups at him.

Okay, so plot was submitted. Plot was approved. There will be more about this in the upcoming weeks, it's not going to be until May so I want to let everyone get settled into Berry Plot ideas before I post anything official on the board. But yes, DON'T BLINK PLOT is a go. He really cannot just sit still and not get into trouble. Post plot he is going to be more sad, serious, slightly insular for a little while as he deals with the aftermath so he will need friends for sure then. But that's not until May people. MAY.

Speaking of trouble, I think I may do an EP today.

Thread Requests: EVERYONE. EVERYONE. Come see his TARDIS, come and have a swim in the pool/library.


Lucy Pevensie is a definite. I've missed playing a kid pup, I recently reread the series and I love her. I always have but like because of Coraline's friendship with Lucy (Dee version) I never wanted to app her but now that Cora is older there is less of a conflict there. And I do adore her. I've loved playing her in the memes and things.

Scott McCall. I love his stupid face, I've loved him since the first episode and as he grows on the show I just love him even more. He's like warring with Lucy for first pick. He's a newer voice though, so I want to see if I've got him down and also I need to rewatch first before an app. I've started the rewatch though and I've started writing things. I just need boy pups at the moment, I have a lot of girls.

Sally Malik. Whom I love. I really probably will not need another girl pup but I've loved her for a while and a recent canon rewatch/the new series has just made me want to put her on the island. Plus she would have an awesome Aidan and a fantastic Josh to get on with. Srsly someone should app Nora though. JUST SAYING.


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