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So, I'm thinking about submitting a plot to TR for the Doctor because come on, it's the Doctor and he's bored. BUT I need a)HELP PLOTTING and b)people. I think I want to get the rough idea out first, then submit it to the mods and then (if approved) open it up to the island. SO THIS IS THE ROUGH PLOTTING IDEA, I haven't run it through the mods yet so it could still be a no but because actual plot plot (rather than character arcs) are not my thing I figured I'd probably need help with it before I got to the submitting stage.



One stormy night in the future, a large piece of space junk falls from space lighting up the sky with a fierce burning red before crashing beyond the fence into dinosaur territory. The effect is felt from the loud boom to the slight shaking of the earth. Seeing this, the Doctor decides to go and investigate (potentially taking with him OTHERS). When they finally get to the crash site of the fallen space junk, what they actually find is a small ship- an escape pod where the door has torn and been clawed open. Something was inside, something was inside the ship and had now escaped.

While the Doctor tries to find out what happened to the ship, examining the wreckage and the black box for details. That is when the angel appears. Not to the Doctor but in EP's or threads. Just an angel statue in the middle of the jungle, covering its eyes. Nothing unusual. Perhaps even hiding in plain sight in Johnny Maxwell's graveyard. The Doctor finally figures out what is happening because of something written down "It's Behind You." which is a warning from an old High Gallifreyan children's story about the angels.

Running back to the compound, he uses the emergency broadcast to broadcast a radio message to the islanders "DON'T BLINK" and the warning about the angels. That's you know when people could realise that they are in fact in danger from that ever so innocent seeming angel statue. AND ON TOP OF THAT IT'S GETTING DAAAAARK. People could mod the angel around or I could even play it for them, getting closer and quicker.

There could be a few different plots running through it:
-Angels going for the TARDIS. (The possible natural conclusion for the plot.)
-Angels attacking technology that could destroy them.
-Angels trying to reproduce (the image of an angel is an angel itself)
-Angels infecting islanders (10... 9.... 8...)
-Angels attacking and also being destroyed or contained (MIRRORS but well placed mirrors as they can reproduce through mirrors yeaaaah creepy ass motherfuckers)

I think if no one wanted to be involved, it could be possibly either contained to the second island OR alternatively have safe havens opened up for people. There would be a limited number of angels I'm thinking 3-5 (ONE IS DEADLY ENOUGH LET ME ASSURE YOU but like then it wouldn't be a whole swarm and people could escape the plot reasonably.) And like contain it to a weekend so that at the end of the weekend or plot all the angels vanish again but the crash site remains.

So, I don't know what do you guys think? Do you think it's something you'd be interested in getting involved in? Does it excite you? Can you see problems with it? Any kinks that I can work out before submitting it?

-Christina, for the Doctor.

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