Oct. 25th, 2014

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Dear Yuletide author....
Thank you so much for taking the time to write something for me! I'm fairly easy to please but I would ask one thing in particular: the holidays are a really difficult time for me, I only ask that anything you write be kept as angst-free as you possibly can. A little bit of drama is okay but I don't want to be reading about death, rape, violence at what is already a very upsetting time of the year for me. Apart from that any rating is acceptable!

I've tried to include a prompt to try and give you some ideas but honestly if you go I really want to write X then I will be happy with it. Don't feel restricted by my crazy ideas!

My Requests:
Fandom: Fables: Bill Willingham
Characters: Snow White (Fables - Willingham), Bigby Wolf (Fables - Willingham)
Okay, so I'm a big Snow/Bigby shipper. I'd love anything set in between issues, anything romantic, anything silly, things with the kids, or just things centred around the two. If you're not into Bigby/Snow as I am, then please feel free to write it about their friendship or a Day in the life of a Fable or something from one of their perspectives:

You can write anything you like but prompts: Mundy holiday at Disneyland with all the kids. Snow may punch one of the dwarves. Jack thinks this is the best idea ever. Bigby is going to throttle everyone.

Fandom: Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
Characters: Cath Avery, Simon Snow.
I was really surprised Levi wasn't one of the characters! But I loved the relationship between Cath and her fiction. If you want to get meta with this one go for it! Want to write Catch writing about Snow in bed with Levi, do it. Or if you want to take the chance to write Cath in Simon's world and her being all "I'M A MARY SUE" do it. If you want to go super comedy go for it or super romantic then I'm all for it. :)

Prompts: Cath has the best idea for a Halloween costume. Levi is unamused.

Fandom: The Wolf Among Us
Characters: Snow White (The Wolf Among Us), Bigby Wolf (The Wolf Among Us)

I love NOIR. Like really, super love noir. And that's one of the reasons I love TWAU and wanted to request both Fables and TWAU. I don't want Bigby/Snow together in this one, I kind of like the tension and awkwardness between the pair. The pre-Fables ness of it all. If you can make this as Noir/Crime related as possible that would be awesome. And the main narrator or character doesn't have to be Snow/Bigby as long as they are heavily featured. Thank you!

Fandom: The Yogscast
Characters: Kim Richards | Nanosounds, Lomadia, Sjin, Simon Lane | Honeydew
Look, I'm a huge Kim fan. I think she's awesome, she's the reason I'm now into games and think she's a positive influence on women in games. I'd love Nano's village stories, Nano as apprentice stories. Or Monster Hunters versus Sjin. Sjin combating the fluxy taint. Monster Hunters versus Magic Police. And Duncan, if this does feature Lalna/Duncan as well I'd be very happy.

*Please note while I don't mind breaking the fourth wall. OOOOH FOURTH WALL. I don't really want RPF, this is about the characters in game mostly for me. Thank you! And it doesn't have to be limited to their Minecraft series but no super violent/horror.

Prompts: Lomadia and Nano are stuck on a spaceship. EVERYONE ENDS UP IN THE LOCKER in ever more increasingly ridiculous situations. Could include all Yogs.


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