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This month I listened to Ed Sheeran's album, Divide. In fact, I listened to it last week when it was too hot to do anything else.

I liked that it had different styles on it. I was put off by the first one being rap, because I don't like rap - I like music to have a tune. But then there were two rap songs, there were a couple of slower ones, and generally a variety. Which was unexpected - a lot of artists have songs that all sound the same.

Otherwise, though, it was nothing special. I knew one of the songs and quite liked that. But there was nothing exciting in it - nothing that really grabbed me as having particularly interesting lyrics or a really nice tune. It was just blah and non-offensive.

I suppose being middle-of-the-road is why he's popular. But otherwise I wouldn't mind either way if I listened to him again or didn't. It's like most of the music I listen to on the radio - it's not something I love or something I hate, it's just there and it's all right, but nothing special.

I'd give it a 7/10.

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Jun. 24th, 2017 12:11 pm
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Okay, I'm not even exactly sure where to start here, but we're going to try.

WANNA'ONE is a band created through the survival show Produce 101. The concept behind Produce 101 is to take 101 trainees from various labels, test them, teach them, make them perform, and have the Korean public vote in a series of eliminations until 101 becomes 11. This group of 11 then promotes for a year, give or take, and separates at the end to return to their respective labels. The idea being that they have now generated enough public interest that they provide automatic popularity to whatever group the label ends up placing them in.

It's a lot like American Idol, but you have to take into account how these things are run in South Korea. 99% of the time, you don't just simply get discovered, produce an album and start performing. You audition for a label and, if they see potential, sign a contract with them to serve as a trainee for an unspecified amount of time, training and studying, until they decide you're ready to debut. So, so, so many people never debut. It's the chance of a lifetime~

Throughout the primer, I'll reference performances/stages the boys were in. There were five in total:
1. Initial Evaluation (judged by trainers)
2. Debut Covers (covers of debut songs of other boy bands)
3. Skill Evaluations (dance - their own choreography, vocal - their own arrangements, or rap - their own lyrics)
4. Concept Evaluations (each group/song had a different genre or concept)
5. Final Performance (two teams of ten, two songs).

Some endlessly kind and considerate person went through and gathered all the performance pieces into one space. I'll be linking to the specific performances that each boy was in, but there are several other ones that you won't see here. Go check them out when you have time. We're just going to start with the boys themselves right now. They were ranked, obviously, by number of votes, so I'm going to start at the top. [NB, the Ranking I give in each blurb are the first rank they received through public votes and the last rank they received through public votes.]



Jun. 22nd, 2017 05:30 pm
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It's been hot the past few days, so if I hadn't needed to do anything during that time, I didn't do it. If I was in, I just read or caught up on TV and was hot. As was Missy - hamsters don't do well if it's too hot and they don't like the humidity either. But she's enjoyed frozen peas and frozen carrots and she's been outside. Because it's been so hot I've had the back door open while she's out playing, so of course she went out onto the doorstep and then fell off. After a few times falling off she was happy about where she was and tried to wander off. At one point she found a pebble and decided she wanted it.

Monday I had one of my (on average) two days a year when I wished my car had air conditioning. I did some stargazing from my back door, where I was sat because it was cooler and I could keep an eye on Missy escaping. Not that I could see many stars because even by the time I went to bed late it still wasn't properly dark.

Now, though, the weather is much better, I have a couple of days off work and I am catching up on things.

Tennis is crazy. Queens sometimes has those years when all the seeds go out in the first couple of rounds, so we were probably overdue one. But I feel like the third, second and first seeds all going out one after the other must be some sort of record. And a whole load withdrew due to injuries. But it'll be interesting to get a winner outside of the usual suspects - although a few former champions are still in the draw.

Unconventional Courtship is on again. I spent some time at the weekend with the Generator and ended up signing up with this summary:
310) Night of the Living Wed by Michele Hauf
Dayna Mellanby and Del Tarrant's evening turns deadly when some uninvited guests show up at their friend's party — a horde of hungry zombies. The couple is in a fight for their lives when a new, heroic side of Tarrant emerges, and he vows to protect Dayna no matter the cost….

Obviously explosions will follow. I will probably change the zombies, but I went with this one because it was just so perfect for them. And will be different to what I've written for it before.

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MEME: Voice Posts

Jun. 17th, 2017 10:45 pm
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Anyone in the mood for a weekend meme?

Tag in and list your pups (current, reserved, queued), and others can ask questions, reverse questions-style. Today's twist is that instead of writing out an answer, you'll reply with a voice clip (Clyp, Chirbit, Soundcloud... whatever works!)

[meme] test drive

Jun. 15th, 2017 11:53 am
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[personal profile] citycouncil posting in [community profile] cityarcade
Tag into this post with characters you're thinking of apping to the game (characters who are not currently in-game or currently reserved by someone else). It can be just a tag, a brief EP, whatever you want. You can be new to the game, or simply want to test out a fresh pup. Tag each other with these characters or those already in game, and have fun.

Also, please include the name of their canon somewhere in or on the comment or on their profile page.

What I am reading Wednesday

Jun. 14th, 2017 08:41 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading
The Chalet School and Rosalie, and Trials for the Chalet School by Elinor M Brent-Dyer. These are both books I've read before, but I don't own, so haven't re-read. Or in the case of Trials, have only read the paperback with big cuts. I was really tired and didn't have a brain, so I looked at my to read shelf and thought this was the situation Chalet School books were perfect for. And they were. My only trouble was with Trials because it was very heavily Mary-Lou and I can only take her in small doses.

What I'm Currently Reading
Millions Like Us: Women's Lives During the Second World War by Virginia Nicholson. Iv'e been reading this on and off for a while. But it is at least up to VE and VJ Day, so while it's not all rosy, at least no one's finding bits of people who have been blown up in the blitz. It was interesting reading about the 1945 election while the election was going on here.

One particular interesting bit is about Nina Mabey, who had joined the Labour Club, while at Oxford university:

'Our duty was to make sure, when the war ended, that a new, happier, more generous society would take the place of the bad, old, selfish one.' And this was the line she had argued, vehemently, one evening in 1944, with another undergraduate in her year-group who, she discovered, was steering an opposite course by joining the Conservatives. The young woman in question was chemistry student Margaret Roberts, later to become Margaret Thatcher. [...] How on earth could one want to be associated with such a stuffy institution as the Conservative Club, when the Labour affiliates were all so much more fun? All the really interesting people were members.

"Margaret smiled, her pretty china doll's smile. Of course, she admitted, the Labour Club was, just at the moment, more fashionable - a deadly word that immediately reduced my pretensions - but that, in a way, unintentionally suited her purposes. Unlike me, she was not 'playing' at politics. She meant to get into Parliament and there was more chance of being noticed in the Conservative Club just because some of the members were a bit stodgy."

Sisters at the Chalet School by Amy Fletcher. What's been interesting about this one, for me, is that it's set in 1944. There's a moment towards the beginning of the book when one character mentions how they're glad bread isn't rationed. And I'd recently been reading about the shortages in the shops in 1945 and how bread began to be rationed in 1946.

What I'm Reading Next
Given that I've still got 100 pages of Millions Like Us to go, I think it'll be a while before I have to answer that question.

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