tempusfrangit: (Default)
Tina ([personal profile] tempusfrangit) wrote 2014-03-17 06:57 pm (UTC)

But DubDub is all dubdubious about conversations, can she not just keep trying to wriggle out of it while Hannibal is being an ass and romantic and shit. So that means it should happen. I really kind of am up for knocking her up just because she would be so beyond pissed about it. Like :| at him the entire time. Definitely slapping. And she will take no blame for it "OH YOU JUST HAD TO KNOCK ME UP" "YOU WERE THE ONE BEGGING ME TO FUCK YOU" "DON'T PUT THIS ON ME I AM GOING TO HAVE A BEARDED BABY."

Yesssss he can, just so Cass can actually try to beat Damian about it.

YES YES YES. I might have him in the library in the pool this week.

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