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asher_talos ([personal profile] asher_talos) wrote in [personal profile] tempusfrangit 2014-03-14 04:16 pm (UTC)

In his head what it all boils down to is that once the baby is born, Robb gets to live with his first kid, the new one, and Asher's kids too. Meanwhile he gets Ray and dogs. Does Del want Ray? He's obviously not going to come out and express any of this to anyone who isn't Ray, though. Because this gif is Asher, except replace food with feelings:

Any schooling pre five years old is just unnecessary to him. I mean, Del can send them, but Asher would no joke just go take them out. He knows they do have to go in the fall, though.

The parlor is going to be so clean with Josh working there. Fingerprints on the glass of the freezer are a thing of the past ;__;

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