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Zack Fair ([personal profile] 1st_class_zack) wrote in [personal profile] tempusfrangit 2014-03-14 08:50 am (UTC)

I feel like I will be tagging all of yours. I definitely want Zack to meet the Doctor because he's suspicious of them. And that's hilarious with this Doctor. Also, he met 10 and I'm pretty sure the TARDIS was involved so more shifty eyes/you don't have the same face.

Wish I had my doctor on the island already because a) he wouldn't know what to do with Coraline and I love that and b) he needs to be friends with The Doctor because aliens should stick together and yours can maybe feel better after angel plot with a review of what mine has done with his life thus far. Buuuut, he won't arrive until June. Which is sad, but there it is.

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